Just what the Doctor Ordered

Precision. Speed. Value. Where can you find a Medical Transcription service that delivers it all? You just did.

We’re iData, and we’re pleased to “meet” you.Our top-notch team provides secure, web-based Medical Transcription solutions designed with doctors’ satisfaction in mind.portfolio of services includes voice-to-text, speech recognition, dictation systems and more. The results?Doctorsspend less time fixing problems and more time caring for patientsRecords Managersachieve compliance, speed and accuracy in reporting. We think that’s a prescription for success.

See how we GUARANTEE 99% Accuracy

iData’s mission is to provide the highest quality (99% error free) medical transcription services to hospitals, group practices & other transcription companies.

Let us tell you what you’re really paying per line. Contact us today to find how!

For additional information email us at info@100MedicalDocumentation.com
or call 410-295-0201.

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